D. H. Lawrence: Mystic, Prophet, Outsider

We teach the teachings of Saint Lorenzo, the greatest pholosopher and mystic of the last two hundred years. Lawrence: A prophet for our times; one we ever so desperately need.

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Old Dark Gods is an initiative of The Rananim Foundation. Our aim is to teach the public about the religious teachings of D. H. Lawrence.

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Our world is burning. Despite a planet full of people, few people can see clearly, and none saw as clearly as D. H. Lawrence. Help us save the planet and your soul.

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If you are interested in the religious and philosophical teachings of D. H. Lawrence and have a question that is not answered here, please get in touch.

Many are aware of D. H. Lawrence as a great novelist, but few are aware that he was a great mystic, philosopher, and political theorist. Lawrence, or as we affectionately call him, Saint Lorenzo, is the great prophet for our times, and his writings constitute a scripture of almost unfathomable depth, richness, and profundity. Our teachers are here to spread the gospel of Saint Lorenzo, and to help you on the path from being a robot automaton to a human full of life and love. Put down your phone, pick up some Lawrence: he will heal you, and in time, we hope, he will heal our broken world; a world we have broken, and only Saint Lorenzo has discovered the key to healing.

Meet our teachers

Our teachers are here to guide you away from the technology that is destroying the world and your life, towards a fully lived life lived in faith to the old dark gods.

What we want is to destroy our false, inorganic connections, especially those related to money, and re-establish the living organic connections, with the cosmos, the sun and earth, with mankind and nation and family. Start with the sun, and the rest will slowly, slowly happen. — D. H. Lawrence

What You Can Be

Let go of the phone, be done with devices. Learn to love the Gods. Walk out into wilderness. Let us teach you how to escape from modern machine civilization.
D. H. Lawrence

D. H. Lawrence


“Men are still part of the Tree of Life, and the roots go down to the centre of the earth. Loose leaves, and aeroplanes, blow away on the wind, in what they call freedom. But the Tree of Life has fixed, deep, gripping roots. It may be you need to be drawn down, down, till you send roots into the deep places again. Then you can send up the sap and the leaves back to the sky, later.”

Saint Lorenzo

Saint Lorenzo


“The pagan way, the many gods, the different service, the sacred moments of Bacchus. Other sacred moments: Zeus and Hera, for examples, Ares and Aphrodite, all the great moments of the gods. Why not know them all, all the great moments of the gods, from the major moment with Hera to the swift short moments of Io or Leda or Ganymede? Should not a man know the whole range?”

D. H. Lawrence

D. H. Lawrence


“They talk of the triumph of the machine, but the machine will never triumph.”


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